Officers and members of the various tricycle associations and other stakeholders attended today’s public hearing for the possible adoption of Grab Trike Premium presided by Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova at the Quezon Park Kiosk.
Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has long supported the possible adoption of Grab Trike to modernize the local transport system; ensure safe and convenient travel since the application uses Global Positioning System or GPS location and lessen the number of tricycles roving around the downtown area looking for chance passengers but contributing to traffic congestion.
The representative from Grab Trike presented the features of the application and fielded questions along with Vice-Mayor Cordova, Councilors Lilani Ramon, Karissa Tolentino Maxino and Edgar Lentorio Jr., who are among the city officials present.
Majority of those present, in an informal poll, expressed interest and are open to the operations of Grab Trike in the city and neighboring towns.
The City Council will deliberate on the applicable fare matrix of Grab and the passage of a dual franchise that would allow tricycles from both Dumnaguete City and Sibulan or Dumaguete City and Bacong to legally ply the streets of both territorial jurisdictions.
Under the proposal, 100 units will initially use the Grab Trike Premium in the testing phase as to whether the system works well and if viable to operate in Dumaguete City.
Meanwhile, it is clarified that the tricycles already operating in the city can actually apply for Grab Trike using their units.
Grab Trike aims to be a solution to overcharging of fares; minimizes the need to wait for long queues at the terminal or be a chance passenger; Grab application gives precise information using GPS for waiting and travel time; it creates more livelihood opportunities by generating more income to drivers and lessens the number of roving tricycles that contribute to traffic congestion in the downtown area.