Dumaguete City Schools Division Supt. Gregorio Cyrus Elejorde confirms that public schools will open classes for School Year 2020-2021 on August 24 with expected 22, 483 student enrolees (and still growing) based on the records of the Deped’s online enrollment system.
In his presentation before the recent meeting of the City’s Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases chaired by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Dr. Elejorde introduced the so-called Academic Panda to ensure limited physical interaction between and among students and teachers amid the COVID pandemic.
This type of Panda application takes its cue from the Food Panda services that allow ordinary residents to order food and supplies from comfort and safety of their homes.
Academic Panda allows stakeholders to select from the school any services like school forms, learning materials and others via its mobile applications as well as their websites too.
Academic Panda of the schools processes and sends orders directly to the concerned stakeholders.
To ease the fears of COVID-19 transmission learning will now be through pure online, modular or blended instructions and assessment.
PURE ONLINE learning can be delivered through systematic utilization of virtual interactions thru Edmodo classroom and other platforms, which is preferred for students with actual internet subscription.
MODULAR learning involves the reproduction of manuals, instructional and assessment materials in 280 kiosks all throughout the city and in every school for students who have no smartphones and electricity.
BLENDED learning involves online instruction and reproduction of learning materials at the kiosks for easy collection and distribution for students with smartphones and use mobile data.
Dr. Elejorde informs Mayor Remollo that there is a significant increase in the number of enrollees as many students in the private schools have opted to transfer in the public schools.
It is estimated that the cost of logistics would amount to P 21. 1 million that includes reproduction costs printed learning materials and manuals, kiosks (computers) and printers.
However, Project Teambayayong aims to cultivate partnerships, linkages and support from various stakeholders that can provide internet connection, computer sets, printers and other equipment to sustain the Materials Reproduction Kiosk (MRK) and ensure access to learning materials by learners throughout the academic year at a reduced cost.