In a special meeting held Tuesday (June 30, 2020), the Dumaguete Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) unanimously passed and adopted a resolution requiring every person entering the territory of Negros Oriental (by land, sea or air) with Dumaguete City as ultimate destination to strictly follow local health protocols by submitting a negative RT-PCR test result (released not more than 72 hours prior to travel), securing a Certificate of Acceptance from the City of Dumaguete and undergoing a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in a facility designated for the purpose.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Chairperson of the City Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF-EID) said that the foregoing directives shall form part of the city local health protocol in view of the increasing incidents of COVID-19 cases from arriving travelers and returnees with the end in view of protecting the residents from COVID-19 contamination.

In a resolution, the City ITAF-EID notes that some of the returning residents of Dumaguete City, to include Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs), Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs) and Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APORs), most of whom stayed and transited in Metro Manila and Cebu tested positive of COVID-19.

It must be clarified that there is no ban on returning residents, LSIs, ROFs or APORs provided that they follow local health protocols in order to lower or prevent the risk of spreading COVID-19 in its territory.

This is also a means to ensure that all persons entering the city are properly documented, COVID-free, and given appropriate accommodations, thereby preventing also overwhelming the public health system since some of its facilities are operating in full capacities already.

To ensure consistent enforcement, the City IATF-EID requested the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Philippine National Police (PNP), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), airline and shipping companies, to enforce these local health protocols beginning July 1, 2020 and shall remain in force and effect until further notice.