Members of the City Peace and Order Council, chaired by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, deliberate the proposed initiatives and programs newly installed Chief-of-Police P/Lt. Col. Mark Gifter T. Sucalit to enhance the fight against criminality.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova, speaking on behalf of the CPOC, reiterated their support to the local police force in terms of equipment and other operating expenses on top of what the city government has already provided the PNP.

The City Government has already provided the City PNP with equipment to include hand held radios, bullet proof vests, body cameras, 6 high speed motorcycles, drones and vehicles. The City Government also provides fuel and other maintenance costs to the PNP’s motorpool.

Lt. Col. Sucalit enumerated the following initiatives and programs that his leadership will pursue to further improve the peace and order situation of the city: enhance security measures of vulnerable targets such as banks, pawnshops and other financial institutions; strengthen the capabilities of the network; conduct of simulation exercises, strengthen the intelligence and counter-intelligence capabilities through the Barangay Information Network (BIN); strategic utilization of assets; optimum utilization of resources including personnel and strengthen the collaboration, cooperation and coordination of the members of the five (5) pillars of the Criminal Justice System.