After completing the standard quarantine procedure, the City’s newly appointed Chief-of-Police P/Lt. Col. Mark Gifter T. Sucalit, met with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and some members of the City Council, today, to discuss and expound on his proposals to combat and solve incidents of criminality in the city.

Lt. Col. Sucalit urged the citizens to take courage and help the authorities in battling crimes and to ensure that we are safe in the city.

Councilors Michael Bandal, Joe Kenneth Arbas and Edgar Lentorio Jr. urges the City PNP to establish self-sufficient police sub-stations in strategic locations of the city.

Mayor Remollo vowed to provide additional equipment and other forms of support to the City Police Office and renewed his request for additional personnel to be assigned in Dumaguete City considering that it is the capital city of the province.

The City Government has already provided the City PNP with equipment to include hand held radios, bullet proof vests, body cameras, 6 high speed motorcycles, drones and vehicles. The City Government also provides fuel and other maintenance costs to the PNP’s motorpool.

Upon consultation with the new City Chief-of-Police, more security measures will be adopted including enhancing the use of the CCTV cameras in anti-crime operations.