Deemed as a boost in the fight against terrorism, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo expressed his full support to the proposed Anti-Terrorism Law to effectively maintain law and order.

Nevertheless, while the objectives of the proposed law are noble Mayor Remollo urges the citizens to be vigilant against possible abuses by some agents of enforcers of the government.

Mayor Remollo said that we just have to trust the government for there is only one government.

“The proposed law is for the best interest and security of the state, to protect it by any legal means.”

“The threat of terrorism is worldwide and any state has the right to protect itself by passing laws that will safeguard its citizens.”

“I don’t have any problem with the passage of the law. I hope the president will sign it because it is for the good of everyone,” Mayor Remollo added.

While citizens should be vigilant it should also not think of any ill motive against the passage of the law. You just have to trust the government, which is doing their best to protect its citizens, Mayor Remollo concluded.