Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo condemns the series of killings by guns-for-hire including the recent shooting to death of Poblacion 1 (Tinago) Barangay Captain Harrison Gonzalez, Tuesday.

The police investigation on the death of the government official is ongoing and CCTV footages are also made available to help identify the perpetrators including the brains behind the cold-bloodied execution.

Mayor Remollo stressed that such violence has no place in a decent and democratic society especially in a city like Dumaguete.

The killings are alarming but there is hope, especially if the citizenry cooperates and remain vigilant so that more crimes will be solved or prevented.

The newly assumed City Chief-of-Police Lt. Col. Mark Gifter Tarona Sucalit is scheduled to hold a conference with Mayor Remollo next week, just after the police official completes the quarantine.

The new PNP leadership is expected to unveil a more elaborate anti-crime and security plan including maximizing the utilization of CCTV cameras by possibly assigning regular policemen in the command center for quicker response.

Mayor Remollo said that the City Government has provided equipment to the local PNP to include hand held radios, bullet proof vests, body cameras, 6 high speed motorcycles, drones and vehicles. The City Government also provides fuel and other maintenance costs to the PNP’s motorpool.

Nevertheless, Mayor Remollo promises to provide more support in equipment and other means in consultations with the new City Chief-of-Police, members of the City Council and Punong Barangays.