Members of the Liga ng mga Barangay led by President Dionie Amores convened Thursday with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and Police Captain Fortunato Villafuerte, Deputy Chief-of-Police of the Dumaguete City PNP, in a show of unity and resolve to seek justice for the gruesome killing of Poblacion 1 (Tinago) Barangay Captain Harrison Gonzales while on duty in front of the tanod outpost, Tuesday.

The police investigators promised that they will pursue all angles to solve the murder while assuring the Barangay Captains of their protection.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo led the assembled barangay captains in offering prayers for Captain Gonzales and his bereaved family.

Despite the dangers, Mayor Remollo urges the officials to stay true to their oath of serving their constituents with more vigor and dedication while taking precautionary measures to ensure their safety.

The City Government has already provided the City PNP with equipment to include hand held radios, bullet proof vests, body cameras, 6 high speed motorcycles, drones and vehicles. The City Government also provides fuel and other maintenance costs to the PNP’s motorpool.

Upon consultation with the new City Chief-of-Police, more security measures will be adopted including enhancing the use of the CCTV cameras in anti-crime operations.

Mayor Remollo vows to provide additional support in equipment and pursue the request for additional 40 to 50 police personnel to be assigned in the city, a request that has been pending for years.