In an interview with some members of the press, Mayor Remollo said that it would be better for the national IATF to delegate and entrust some of the COVID-19 responses to the LGUs so they would be empowered and more responsive to the local needs and situations.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo urges the national Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases to reconsider its imposition of the one-passenger per tricycle including the no backrider policy on motorcycles.

The Philippine National Police and Highway Patrol Group as enforcers of the policy must also take into consideration if the motorists and passengers have substantially complied with the objective of preventing COVID-19 transmission.

As an example, tricycles in Dumaguete City are bigger and more spacious than most tricycles in Metro Manila and urbanized cities.

Taking this into account, our local tricycles (pedicab) may be allowed to have two passengers at a time provided that a clear plastic will be utilized as a shield to separate each passenger and driver while wearing face masks as means to prevent infection.

While intention of the national IATF is to impose rules that will prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mayor Remollo also underscored the different situations and setting of every LGU that calls for varying and sometimes a combination of best responses to become effective.