As of today (June 13), City Health Officer Ma. Sarah B. Talla reports that there are now 255 Persons Under Monitoring or PUMs who are undergoing the required quarantine with none of them presenting signs of Influenza Like Illness (ILI).

Dr. Talla also reported to Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Chairperson of the City’s Inter-Agency Task Force, that seven (7) RT-PCR swab tests yielded NEGATIVE results for the following individuals: the 39-year-old woman in Barangay Bagaycay, her spouse, the couple’s son, two medical technologists, a nurse and a Barangay Health Worker.

Of the 255 PUMs, 117 are in designated hotel facilities, 82 are admitted at the community isolation center while 56 are under home quarantine. At present, there are 207 Locally Stranded Individuals and 19 OFWs undergoing quarantine.

Finally, 23 PUMs completed the quarantine today and released. But, 44 new PUMs arrived today and admitted in the different isolation centers.