Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo recently signed the Acceptance of Service for the CCTV Lease Project of the Philippine Long Distance Corporation represented by Sarah Jane Martin.

The Closed-Circuit Television Lease Project of PLDT was favorably endorsed by the members of the Dumaguete City Ad Hoc Committee after receiving the recommendation of the Technical Working Group for being complaint with the terms and specifications set in the Lease Contract.

City Administrator Atty. Doram T. Dumalagan, Chairperson of the Ad Hoc Committee, noted that PLDT has supplied for lease all the needed cameras and their related equipment, which are functioning.

After a thorough inspection, the TWG members determined that the CCTV Cameras and their equipment with few modifications that are not detrimental to the system but are part of the system upgrade. They noted that the overall net effect is that the output of the entire CCTV system is even better than originally proposed, which is even more beneficial and advantageous to the City government and its citizens.

The CCTV project is undertaken to improve the safety and security of the public, help manage traffic and to monitor emergency particularly in times of calamities.

Among the members of the Technical Working Group are Dave E. Marcial, Dean College of Computer Studies of Silliman University; Percival Gerard M. Genove, Management Information System –Director Faculty of Silliman University; Engr. Erasto Crispo of the City Engineer’s Office and Aldwin S. Parilla of the City Mayor’s Office.