Barangays Tinago (Pobalcion 1) and Poblacion 8 collected today their share of rice stocks to be distributed to their constituents in the next few days.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has instructed the Barangay Captains to make sure that each household will get the 5 kilos of rice allocated for them by the City Government.

Other barangays are expected to take their rice stocks in the coming days. The households are advised to wait for their barangays officials to distribute the rice packs and not to converge in the barangay halls.

Last month (as part of the first round), the City Government also allocated 5 kilos of rice per household in all 30 barangays.

While Mayor Remollo commended the barangay officials for their efforts in distributing the rice subsidy of the City Government, he hopes that this time all households will receive the relief amid the COVID–19 crisis.