Start tomorrow (Friday) will start tomorrow (Friday) to the social amelioration program. But it’s different day to not spend the city’s office and also depends on which one of every barangay has been approved to receive financial help from the national government.

1. Publikar list of makadawat irochka in barangay based on nahuman and verification in DSWD

2. Katong coming on the list just give on DSWD and barangay how many dates they give the financial aid

3. Give a priority number to each one.

4. On the date you give financial aid to SAP moadto in barangay gym or ready place in barangay to take the bus paingon to carry the City Treasurer. Kato only has priority number on the bus

5. Each one is asked to wear a face mask, not to wear and use alcohol where it is free to give inside the bus.

6. Out there on the red street there are five cashiers to spread the financial repair.

7. Show the beneficiary his ID. While the representative is the truth of his relationship with the beneficiary

8. Each pic take a picture when it has received the amount of help from whatsapp

9. Bring back the beneficiaries in transaction.

The apod of the financial financial in SAP depends on the list of the DSWD they have a verification that is good and complete papers.

All those who have the DSWD or official in the barangay are formally mopahibalo if they are naapil in SAP, kanu is the date to take the bus to bring it to the City Treasurer.

Let’s go to Barangay Hall or carry it to City Treasurer if you haven’t called anything yet.