Thinking about the signature in DILG, Mayor Ipe Remollo has given the Captains to put the public place the list of the people who can get the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) in the quality tag P 6, 000 per roof And coming to the most annoying.

While the barangay guard, the barangay health worker and day care worker has been allowed to be allowed to receive this financial treatment under the national government.

The Barangay Tanods, that and day care worker will serve every day and night against the video-19 but it is hard to prove that they are among the poor.

With tigum atong niaging day mao captains of 30 barangays, Councilor Joe Kenneth Arbas, Rosel Erames and Edgar Lentorio Jr., DILG Officer Christopher Pastor, CSWD Lilibeth Filibeth Filipinas and League of Barangay Presiden Dionie Amores.