EFFECTIVE MONDAY April 20, 2020:

The new colored Quarantine Passes for residents and non-residents (red and purple only) take effect tomorrow.

Previous resident passes in colors (red, blue and black) are now revoked.

A smaller number of purple quarantine passes were released compared to the red passes because it was already anticipated nga naa mga green safety passes holders madungan nila.

The Task Force tried to balance the numbers of passes released for each color precisely to control the movement and traffic of people at any given time.

Ang mga tagbalay nga wala pa kadawat sa ilang Resident Pass gikan sa Health Workers puede nga motawag sa hotline sa 24/7 command center dinha sa Office of the Mayor para ma follow-up.

225-3775; 523-3950 and 522-0449
0945-661-1978 (Globe)
0933-49204932 (Sun)
0961-524-6296 (Smart)