In this situation, it was explained that since the apartment has a yellow pass for essential business, the holder is free to leave the house and purchase the needed goods, food and access services on behalf of the tenants of the apartment.

Mayor Remollo thanked Delbo for returning the passes and offering to do the errands for the tenants of the apartment.

It is hoped that Delbo’s gesture be emulated by others.

Mayor Remollo is calling upon those who received other Quarantine Passes to return them as a means to show your commitment to Stay at Home.

The life you saved maybe your own.

Mayor Remollo said that since the only reasons why one needs a pass is to buy food and basic necessities or access medical needs, there is no need for a pass if you will buy in the pharmacy or in the stores within the barangay or neighborhood.

But the general rule of the Enhanced Community Quarantine is to STAY at HOME in compliance to the orders of President Rodrigo Duterte, provincial government and city government to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Mayor Remollo appeals to the public who may have other passes to return them to the barangays or to the Command Center of the Inter-Agency Task Force COVID-19.