Be advised that the city government will issue quarantine passes per household before Friday.

There is no need for the people to go to the barangay halls or city hall.

These color-coded passes will be given to the 30 barangays so that the officials/purok officers will distribute the passes to the households.

RED: Monday 7AM -12PM, Thursday 1PM – 6PM

BLUE: Tuesday 7AM – 12PM, Friday 1PM – 6PM

BLACK: Wednesday 7AM – 12PM, Saturday 1PM -6PM

YELLOW: These are for workers of essential business

Government workers, while in the performance of their duties can present their IDs. Thus, there is no need for a pass.

Employees of essential business and entities such as public market, supermarket, grocery stores, convenience store, hospitals, clinics, gasoline stations, refilling stations, shipping companies, money transfer, water refilling stations, manufacturing or processing plant for basic food products, cargo handling, restaurants, food establishment, pharmacies, banks and financial institutions, money transfer, hardware and construction supplies, BPOs, public utility vehicle, power, energy, telecommunication, utilities and media) will have their own passes.

The heads of office or manager must write to the Office of the City Mayor indicating the names and number of workers of the company/entity.

Always wear face masks and helmet with valid driver’s license and vehicle registration thermal scan must be below 37.9 to be allowed entry.