Workers pour concrete to reinforce the steel girders of the full span bridge in Colon, which is undergoing construction at the back of Foundation University.

Barring any fortuitous events or other reasonable delays due to unfavorable weather conditions, the bridge in Colon may be completed in the middle of the current year.

Both the Colon Bridge and the bridge near the Bureau of Internal Revenue, which has also started construction, are priority projects of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and fully funded by the city government.

The P 20.2 million concrete bridge will replace the culverts in Colon that are oftentimes blocked with all types of debris causing floodwater to breach the Banica riverbanks inundating nearby homes and pose threats to motorists.

Once the two concrete bridges are completed, authorities expect traffic congestion in the city to minimize and ensure the safety of both motorists and pedestrians even during flooding.