Dumaguete City Tourism Office
20 hrs ·

A TRADITIONAL BALANGAY DOCKS IN DUMAGUETE! This balangay, which recently sailed out of Palawan with Butuan as the next destination, is ultimately headed towards Mactan, Cebu. According to Environment Undersecretary Art Valdez, the boat is on a cultural voyage, visiting different islands in the country — but is primarily part of the National Quincentennial Celebration, or the observation of the 500th year, of Magellan’s arrival in the Philippines, the victory in Mactan by Lapu-Lapu, and the arrival of Christianity in the country. A balangay [or balanghai] was a traditional wooden watercraft primarily used in Southeast Asia in ancient times, and also the root for our word “baranggay.” [Photo by Judy Flores Partlow]