(Cleanliness starts at home, it’s our responsibility to manage our garbage)

In line with the City Government’s implementation of waste segregation to reduce the volume of trash generated by the households and commercial establishments, the following rules are hereby reiterated and every citizen is requested to comply:

 All households are required to segregate their wastes into
a. Biodegradable (malata with green tags/stickers) to be buried in a compost pit or collected by the Barangay/City Agriculture Office to be processed into organic fertilizer
b. Non-Biodegradable (dili malata with red tags/stickers) for recycling at Barangay MRF then sold to scrap buyers
c. Residuals (dili mapuslan with red tags/stickers) will be collected by the City ENRO and disposed in the controlled dumpsite/sanitary landfill
 Tags/stickers can be bought at the City Treasurer’s Office or from the barangays at P 1.50 each
 Collection of the residual wastes by the City ENRO will be based on the schedule per barangay
 Garbage should not be placed outside the homes or establishments unless the garbage trucks with alarm bells ringing to signal that they have arrived

Let us all cooperate and help our city to responsibly manage our solid wastes to speed up the closure and rehabilitation of the Candau-ay dumpsite.