The City Government is committed in responsibly closing the Candau-ay Dumpsite based on the approved Safe Closure and Rehabilitation Plan approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Hence, this is a sincere appeal to all the residents and business owners in Dumaguete City to observe the segregation of all garbage/wastes at source.

1. Malata (Biodegradable) will be buried in a compost pit at source
2. Non Biodegradable (dili malata) for recycling and reselling at MRF
3. Residuals (non recyclable) will be disposed in the sanitary landfill

All the 30 barangays are mandated to implement source segregation, segregated collection and segregated destination of waste including the establishment of Materials Recovery Facility.

The city government is responsible in collecting the residual wastes. Garbage bags without stickers may no longer be collected.

We must practice segregation to reduce the volume garbage, avoid dengue and other pests to ensure a cleaner and healthier city.

Your cooperation is earnestly sought.