BEWARE OF BODOL BODOL: If contacted by a person claiming to be a prominent official and order food, wine with load, be suspicious and seek help from the police
(Listen to the audio recording of a portion of their conversation)

This afternoon (September 19), two sets of complainants came to the office of Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova, first to arrive were Cyra Mae Benlot and Alona Cabanlit of Hankki Korean Restaurant. Both were distraught after learning that Benlot was conned into giving nearly P 4, 000.00 worth of load to a person who claimed to be VM Cordova. Not only that, the person also instructed her to prepare food and buy expensive liquor for 20 guests who did not come at all.

Fortunately, the second set of employees from Blue Pearl Meat and Restaurant were prudent enough to realize and validate that they are about to be tricked into buying several thousand worth of load and preparing sumptuous lunch and expensive wine for 20 guests that would never come.

The employees namely Rissa Jane Tag-at, Ailene Arquilos, Clifton Taub and Janice Acabal were alert enough to detect the possible fraud and decided to record the voice of the suspect before coming to see VM Cordova. The recorded appeared to be the same person as that of the first incident, thus could be one and the same person.

It is encouraged that the recorded call will be played in order to alert the community and use the voice as a hint in the possible capture of the suspect.

Thus, a fair warning is issued to all the owners, management and crew of restaurants and other establishments in the city to be vigilant against some persons, who use the name of prominent officials in the City of Dumaguete and Province, to swindle employees and businessmen into sending thousands worth of load before disappearing.

The modus operandi is usually for the fraudster to assume the identity of Governor Roel Degamo, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova and placing orders of sumptuous dinner and expensive wine for 20 pax under their names. Once the order is made, the fraudster then asks for certain amount of load from a low of P 1, 000.00 to P 6, 000.00 once the employees were conned, the scammer no longer shows up to dinner and runs away with the thousands worth of load.

Authorities strongly advises that if contacted, the staff promptly informs management and contact the offices of the concerned officials to verify if they indeed made the order.