A delegation of local officials from Dumaguete City visited its sister city of Yeongdong-Gun in South Korea to participate in cultural exchange, tourism promotion and to develop joint strategies on peace and security.

The trip was in response to the invitation of Mayor Park Se-bok, which coincided with the county’s celebration of the internationally acclaimed “Yeongdong Grape Festival” and the 10th anniversary of the establishment of sisterhood ties between the two cities.

No government or public funds were utilized to finance the trip that included Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Councilors Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, Joe Kenneth K. Arbas, Rosel Margarette Q. Erames, Bernice Anne A. Elmaco, Edgar P. Lentorio, Jr., SK President Lei Marie Danielle M. Tolentino, Liga ng mga Barangay President Dionie D. Amores, City Legal Officer Manuel R. Arbon and Ian Ryan C. Patula, a staff of the City Mayor’s Office.

Dumaguete City’s delegation left for South Korea Thursday and will be back in the city on Monday. Yeongdong is a famous county for Korean traditional music, wine and fruits.

Mayor Se-bok would like to hold bilateral talks with Mayor Remollo and other city officials to discuss mutual cooperation for the two cities in the field of education, sports, security, tourism, economy, culture and the arts.

Mayor Remollo said that the visit underscores his commitment to learn and share the best practices in local governance to jointly achieve the greatest potentials and prosperity of the citizens in both cities.

Specifically, both leaders put premium on peace and security, that is why Mayor Remollo is pleased to learn that Yeongdong, just like Dumaguete City, has utilized the modern Closed Circuit Television system to further protect the citizens and foreign visitors against crimes, ensure faster response during calamities and other emergencies and efficient management of traffic.

Dumaguete City’s CCTV system is now fully operational in the Central Business District and soon the entire city by the end of September. With this development, Mayor Remollo can further guarantee the protection and safety of foreign nationals, including the increasing number of Koreans, who travel, study and live in our city. Last year, about 2, 500 Koreans visited Dumaguete City.

Mayor Remollo and his team of officials expressed gratitude to be invited in the annual exposition of Yeongdong’s locally produced wines that have attained international acclaim for their distinct taste and aroma.

He also took the opportunity to invite Mayor Park Se-bok for a return visit in September 2020 to join the Sandurot Festival celebration which commemorates the coming together of different cultures that influenced the evolution of Dumaguete City through dance, songs and arts.