His Excellency Igor A. Khovaev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of the Philippines extends his warmest greetings to Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo on his victory in the last May 13 elections.

In a letter sent to Mayor Remollo, Ambassador Khovaev said that “he is pleased to congratulate Mayor Remollo on his reelection.”

“I hope our activities to contribute the further development of cooperation between Russia and Philippines for the benefit of our two nation. I sincerely wish you well-being, good health and every success in all your endeavors,” Khovaev stressed.

Both Mayor Remollo and Ambassador Khovaev are working on how to develop closer ties between Dumaguete City and the Russia federation. Khovaev recently launched free public viewing in the city of several films made in Russia to show not only the high quality of its entertainment industry but also highlight the rich culture of his nation.

Efforts are also undertaken so that a possible sisterhood agreement between Dumaguete City and a Russian city can be forged so that a healthy exchange of ideas and visit can be facilitated to discover and explore their respective cultures, promote understanding as well as cooperation in tourism and education.

Mayor Remollo said that the city hosts a number of Russian expats and an increasing number of tourists. He is interested to continue hosting the Russian movie festival, send outstanding students to Russia on free scholarships, undertake partnership in sports development, technology, civil engineering and power generation.

There are currently about 8,000 Filipinos in Russia today and none of them committed any crime or became a victim of any.