Joe Kenneth Arbas is with Michael Maxino Bandal and 6 others.
May 17 at 7:22 AM

Mam Tin Tin Cuisia Remollo, Pelos and Dio, we can’t thank you enough. We recognize and sincerely appreciate how much you sacrificed for our team and especially the City of Dumaguete. We know how much you all missed your dad, Mayor Ipe. We know how much you would have wished that he could be together with you as a family in the past 3 years. You would have wished that he should not have abandoned his legal profession and his work in Manila. Indeed, your love for your dad, your generosity and kindness to all of us know no bounds.
Despite all these and the sacrifices you’ve been through, you still managed to deny yourselves of his presence for another 3 years. Again, thank you so much.
I saw how you stayed by his side day and night prior to election day to make sure your dad would stay strong amidst all grueling trials. We too have been a pain in his ass, and we sincerely apologize.
Thank you so much for supporting his dream to serve the city and to finish what he started for the people of Dumaguete.
We are assured that the Lord saw all your sacrifices. In gratitude, we pray that your family will be continually blessed. May your family be given more strength to support Mayor Ipe’s selfless sacrifice to serve the City for another 3 years.
You have our commitment that we will take care of Mayor Ipe, protect him and support him at all times.
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!