Pelos Remollo is with Dio Remollo and Tin Tin Cuisia Remollo.
May 11 at 4:04 PM

I am writing this post to say thank you to all those who have supported and continue to support my father, Felipe Antonio B. Remollo. As his bid for re-election is about to come to a close, the outpour of love and support you have showed my father has really touched our family. Both my brother and I feel bad for not being able to be there to help during his pursuit to continue to serve the people and the city. For that fact alone we cannot express how meaningful each of you are to us.

My father has taught us never to think of ourselves and to always look at the best in people. He is a generous and kind man that would never think twice about helping others. He works hard and to him mediocrity is never an option. He is someone that I want to emulate so as to be a good example for my future children.

When my dad lost his first re-election bid earlier on, we moved back to Manila and he continued to practice law. He was itching to go back to Dumaguete to serve the people but my mother requested if he could wait until my brother and I were older, which he did. In 2015 my dad expressed his interest in running again to which we all decided it was his time, and the rest is history.

To be honest I miss coming home and seeing my father. I miss having conversations over dinner about what’s happening in the world of baseball or even about the different professors I have in school. I miss arguing with him about the most random things because it helps me realize that I may be wrong (sometimes but not all the time, sorry pops hehe.) I know it may seem selfish that I want my dad to come home more often but I know that it is his passion to serve the people of Dumaguete.

To those who have resorted to black propaganda to besmirch the good name of my father, I forgive you. I forgive you not because I want to, but because I know my dad would tell me to. “Never burn bridges” is what he would always tell me. His generosity and forgiving nature are, in my opinion, his best qualities.

Lastly, I encourage everyone to go out and vote. Vote for the people whom you think will serve our nation. Vote for those who have sacrificed their personal lives to be able to ensure a bright future for our countrymen. Vote not because of popularity but because your moral compass tells you to do so. If you think my father has not done a good job, then so be it. But I am sure that he has produced and will continue to produce for the city.

My coach, my mentor, my senior brod, my father, Mayor Felipe Antonio B. Remollo.