Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo confers with over one hundred fifty members of 9 various associations of massage therapists to formulate a plan that will protect their livelihood.

The meeting was also called to clarify that Mayor Remollo has no plan to relocate or remove the massage therapists as alleged by his political foes. This is still part of the black propaganda and disinformation campaign of some persons who wish to unseat the incumbent mayor.

After the dialogue, Mayor Remollo proposes the following courses of action to help the sector: the city government will extend zero interest loans to the associations so they could afford finishing the course, the the examination and secure the license to practice their trade.

Mayor Remollo will also direct the City Engineer’s Office to fabricate uniform and durable tents for the use of the therapists in different locations.

Finally, Mayor Remollo will make a joint appeal with the presidents of the associations before the Department of Health so that examinations for licenses will be held in the city instead in Cebu City so that all practitioners can afford the expenses.