Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo denied the baseless allegation that he plans to demolish the public market in a meeting with hundreds of stall owners and vendors, Tuesday afternoon.

Every one agrees that the public market needs a massive rehabilitation considering it is more than 30-years old along with the concern on improving sanitation, lack of parking and inadequate drainage system for wastewater.

But Mayor Remollo said that the best option on the table is to construct a new market that has all the amenities of a mall in the upland barangays ideally in a location where the Dumaguete diversion road would traverse to attract buyers and patrons who would like to shop in bigger, cleaner and air-conditioned facility. The present vendors at the public market has the option to transfer to the new location.

In a meeting that lasted almost two hours, the vendors voiced their support to Mayor Remollo and his administration even as they vowed to ignore the disinformation campaign by his political enemies as contained in the so-called “white paper” without authors.