The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology has imposed stricter rules within the city jail following the recent discovery of large volume of illegal drugs amongst the inmates.

After the latest surprise inspection of the jail that yielded 115 grams of shabu, the higher authorities of BJMP purged the local jail management by relieving some of the jail guards including the warden. The policy of two-year tour of duty will be strictly adhered to considering that jail guards and wardens may become lax or worse, become a party to the illegal drugs activities due to their familiarity or friendship with the inmate.

The new warden also made it a point to ship many convicted criminals to the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa as the authorities that no longer have qualms in getting into further trouble if found to have been selling or possession of illegal drugs since they have already received long jail sentences.

Weekly drugs tests are also conducted to both inmates and jail guards while visits are already severely monitored and limited. Under the new management only parents, spouses and children will be allowed to visit the inmates while girlfriends, boyfriends, neighbors and acquaintances are banned.

In coordination with the PDEA and PNP, surprise inspections are also done more frequently with the use of K9 dogs.

The city jail management is optimistic that with the new policies in place, drugs inside the facility has been reduced or eradicated including the practice of tossing the contraband over the jail fence.

However, Councilor Alan Gel Cordova wanted the City BJMP to make a formal and written report of the success or failure of the new policies in curbing illegal drugs activities inside the jail facility.