Dumaguete City’s Bids and Awards Committee chaired by City Legal Officer Doram T. Dumalagan will open the bids for the construction of full span concrete bridge at the back of Foundation University with a budget of P24.7 million that will be submitted on Tuesday

There are several interested contractors who attended the pre-bid conference a week earlier that are capable of undertaking the project.

Once a bid is found to be responsive, the City’s BAC will award the project that is expected to be finished in just 213 working days.

It was also determined that only a few houses if any will be affected with the bridge construction considering that it will only utilize the existing path and road-right-of way.

Negotiations are also ongoing with some lot owners so they would allow portions of their properties to serve as temporary ingress, egress and regress of the residents who will need alternate routes once the interior roads will be closed to traffic as soon as construction begins.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo said that the next project to be subjected to public bidding will be for the P 50 million construction of a concrete full span bridge over Banica River connecting Barangays Batinguel and Bagacay (Near BIR) including acquisition of road-right-of-way and other incidental expenses.

Mayor Remollo is optimistic that the twin bridge projects will be completed within the year so that traffic gridlock in the downtown area will be reduced and safety of the motorists will be guaranteed despite rising floodwater during heavy downpour.