A Swedish company will conduct a free pre-feasibility study on building a landfill gas recovery plant for energy production or any suitable facility that is appropriate for Dumaguete City.

The company offers technologies that can capture methane gases from existing landfill areas ton be sold as methane gas or used to generate electrical energy on site. By doing so, the landfill gas leakage to the atmosphere will be reduced at the same time as energy is generated.

Dumaguete City produces an average 80 tons of garbage and the city government is in the process of enforcing the solid waste management through mandatory segregation at source, establishment of a central materials recovery facility, conversion of plastics into chairs for classrooms and a sanitary landfill.

Three officials from Xeric AB (founded in Sweden in 2011) namely CEO Ulf Malmerberg, President Klas Lundgren and Senior Consultant Jessica Magnusson recently met with Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to offer a free pre-feasibility study that will help the city substantially comply with the ecological solid waste management program in particular proposed actions for building a landfill has recovery plant for energy production or suitable Waste to Energy facility whichever is appropriate.

As part of the preliminary work, the team (to include the officials from the Environment and Natural Resources Office) will conduct landfill site visit, collection and analysis of relevant data and parameters, presentation of initial findings to be presented and draft of final reports. The project is expected to be completed within four months.

After collecting and analyzing these parameters will be possible to evaluate if the landfill is viable for recovery of methane and in such case possible solutions for capturing and energy generation.

Xeric AB officials stressed that the most reason for waste collection is the protection of the environment and the health of the population. Rubbish and waste can cause air and water pollution. Rotting garbage is also known to produce harmful gases that mix with the air and can cause breathing problems in people.