One thing that is remarkable in almost all Chinese cities, particularly in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, is that all uniformed policemen have no visible firearms yet they are able to enforce the laws without compromise and the citizens are too disciplined that they would easily comply to government regulation.

It was also noticeable that from the airport, in the buses, streets, restaurants in all places and building the omnipresence of modern CCTVs to record everything and allow the government to closely monitor the movement of the people as well on alert for any sign of violence or crimes.

Apparently, while policemen in general are unarmed, in every police station a special force unit in full battle gear are on standby to promptly respond to any sign of trouble that will get out of hand. Due to the relative peace and order the business climate is excellent attracting more businesses even foreign investors.

As part of the master plan of Mayor Remollo is the installation of CCTVs and traffic light system. All these projects are to be implemented within the year in order to further improve peace and order and attract more investments.

These are some of the lessons that the delegation from Dumaguete City acquired from their five-day sojourn in two mega cities in southern China last week.

The group was headed by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, who personally funded the trip including the fees for the passports, visas, air fare, hotel accommodations, among other expenses for the 37-strong delegation composed of Vice-Mayor Franklin Esmeña Jr., Councilors Lilani Ramon, Michael Bandal, Manuel Arbon and Joe Kenneth Arbas and 27 of the 30 barangay captains of the city.