Additional appropriation ordinances were approved by the City Council in accordance to the request of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo to fund additional infrastructure projects in seven barangays.

These projects were first approved by Mayor Remollo through the requests of the concerned Punong Barangays for roads and drainage canals totaling P 28.7 million.

Councilor Lilani Ramon shepherded the appropriation ordinances after getting certifications as to the availability of funds from the City Treasurer’s Office.

Approved funded projects are as follows: continuance construction of open drainage canal from the existing canal at Purok Makugihon, P 208, 000, continuance concreting Cantil-e-Isugan road at P 1.7 million and concreting of Talay-Cantil-e road (from existing PCP going north, P 4.9 million in Barangay Cantil-e. Construction of drainage canal in Barangay Bajumpandan amounting to P 415, 000.

Continuance Rehabilitation of drainage system at Umbac Subdivision to Lozada residence at P 315, 000 in Barangay Calindagan.

Construction of Drainage Slab Cover along Silliman Avenue Extension for P 70,000 and concreting of George Sy Street with covered drainage canal on both sides at P 1.3 million in Barangay Taclobo.

Continuance concreting of Dumaguete Balugo and Cadawinonan Road near Buling’s residence up to Yap’s compound amounting to P 7 million.

Continuance of road concreting Purok Star Apple to Casa Miani at P 1.7 million; road concreting in front of Songsil Agapia International School in Barangay Cadawinonan, P 1.5 million and opening and concreting of road connecting E.J. Blanco Drive back of City Mall at P 1.6 million in Barangay Daro.