An important industry in both Shenzhen and Guangzhou is tourism which fuels trade and employment.

Dumaguete City with its inherent potentials as gateway to the province, sports tourism and as a heritage destination will invest in these areas to increase tourist arrivals and create more jobs.

As part of their educational tour, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo brought the 37-strong delegation [composed of Vice-Mayor Franklin Esmeña Jr., Councilors Lilani Ramon, Michael Bandal, Manuel Arbon and Joe Kenneth Arbas along with barangay captains of the city] to the famous Window of the World in Shenzhen, which features replica of the world’s natural wonders, historical heritages and famous scenic sites as part of their educational tour.

The next day, the delegation went to Chimelong Paradise a world class amusement park in Guangdong that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors every day.

Finally, the delegation took a night tour of the Pearl River and marvel at the well-lighted skyscrapers looming majestically in the skyline of Guangzhou, home to 14 million diverse, talented, workaholic and dynamic people guided by a firm leadership committed to responsible modernization.

Mayor Remollo personally funded all the expenses that the trip incurred and no government fund was used for the learning tour and capacity building activity.