Despite China’s rapid modernization, the government makes it certain to preserve its heritage (one of the oldest civilization and culture on earth) and cultivate the environment to ensure a sustainable future of the next generation, which is consistent of the country’s own master plan.

The city and barangay officials led by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo toured Huaji and Guangzhou cities including Xiaohuafang Study established in Qing Dynasty that ruled China from 1644 to 1912.

This proves that Dumaguete City, through the master plan of Mayor Remollo, can balance modernization or development without sacrificing our own rich heritage and love for nature, which form part of our identity as Filipinos.

But the influence of Chinese culture in the Philippines cannot be missed, in particular both the Philippines and China share a passion in “jianzi,” which is called “sipa” in the Philippines or “takyan” in Cebuano. See video of Dumaguete City officials play “jianzi” or Takyan with a Chinese woman.

China aims to preserve their culture and heritage despite its push for modernization so that the values of discipline, cleanliness, respect for elders, entrepreneurship and industry will not be lost to the young generation.

Mayor Remollo personally paid for the expenses incurred by the trip of the officials and did not use public funds. All the barangay officials who joined the trip took a leave of absence and designated officers-in-charge in their respective barangays.

It is Mayor Remollo’s intention for both city and Barangay officials to learn in person by seeing first hand how Chinese cities grew into being one of the biggest economies in the country and the world through careful planning and determined implementation while protecting their proud heritage and the environment.