The City Council approved the P 13. 8 million budget request of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo for the implementation of the longevity award for senior citizens ageing 80-years-old above, who are residents of the city for at least 5 years.

City Social Welfare and Development Office estimates that there are 2, 762 senior citizens ageing 80-years-old above in all 30 barangays of the city will each receive longevity award of P 5, 000.00 as additional benefit for the most elderly.

Mayor Remollo said that the city will soon distribute the cash incentive to qualified senior citizens probably by next month provided that eligible senior citizens will accomplish the forms before the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs office as soon as possible.

Like Mayor Remollo, the sponsors of the ordinance Councilors Manuel Arbon, Lilani Ramon and Michael Bandal believe that monetary reward be given to the senior citizens 80-years-old and above so they can use the incentive for their general well-being and to meet some of their medical needs. This is consistent with the constitutional mandate for the city government to provide just social security programs for the elderly.

Under the ordinance, the beneficiary must be a living Filipino senior citizen; at least 5 years resident of Dumaguete City, as certified by the barangay, provided his/her nearest kin or guardian must be a registered voter of the city; registered with OSCA; must not be more than 100 years-old; a registered voter of the city as if the recent preceding elections (unless physically unable to register); application for this award and valid or acceptable proof of age such as birth or baptismal certificate and updated senior citizens registry at OSCA.

For the un-registered or walk-in elderly claimant or applicant, the OSCA shall verify the validity of the claim. Should the elderly qualify under the ordinance, the OSCA shall prepare the papers to be forwarded to the CSWDO for processing.