All city government employees undergo a series of surprise and random drug tests all year round in support to the nationwide campaign against illegal drugs by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, who along with other city officials took the lead by taking the first round of drug tests earlier under the supervision of the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Philippine National Police, reiterates his call for all those who engage in illegal drugs use to stop their vices.

In order to cleanse the city government of drug abusers, all applicants are required to undergo drug tests and further unannounced tests once already employed.

Soon all Punong Barangays, Kagawads and other barangay officials will be subjected to unannounced and random drug tests.

Assistant City Administrator Dinno T. Depositario said that all city government employees found positive of illegal drugs use have been removed from the service after confirmatory tests with option to undergo voluntary community based rehabilitation program as prerequisite for re-employment. So far, only 13 out of 60 who tested positive last year have availed and completed the program but they have to comply with other requirement should they re-apply.

Mayor Remollo explains that those found positive must be given second chances if they prove themselves to have been rehabilitated so they could continue to provide decent living for their families.

(Please note people in the photos are simply submitting themselves to the drug tests and not the employees who tested positive and have since been removed from service. Their identities could not be revealed to protect their privacy.)