Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo presides the turnover of livelihood packages to 32 tempura vendors represented by its President Brichi Alcoran at the Rizal Boulevard with the officers of the Department of Labor and Employment Sandra Delfin and Engr Jasmin Bala Cortes, Thursday. City Councilor Manuel Arbon and Sectoral Desk Head Albert Aquino also attended the simple ceremony.

Public Employment Service Officer Socorro P. Mira, who facilitated the release of the livelihood packages, enumerated the items released to the tempura vendors, as follows:
64 mini tables 64 American Matic umbrellas, 352 plastic chairs 32 gasolito, 64 cases mineral water, 64 cases softdrinks, 32 mini carts, 32 frying pans, 32 aprons and 32 hairnets.

Each vendor received 4 trays of balot, 5 packs tempura, 5 packs squidballs, 5 pcks fishballs and one year accident insurance from GSIS.

Mayor Remollo thanked DOLE for the assistance and lauded the vendors for their observance of traffic rules and in keeping their respective places clean before and after using their spots in the boulevard everyday, thus turning it into a tourism destination.

He said that the city will continue to hold sports tourism events like in the past two years to draw more visitors every month so they could earn more income and provide decent living for their families.

Mayor Remollo said that the city will host the CVRAA, PRISAA, Dragon Boat, beach volleyball, frisbee and other events that will surely spur economic activities here.