More than P 9 million worth of illegal drugs were seized in 79 operations in 2018 compared to just P 447, 000 in 2017 from just 28 anti-drugs operations by the Dumaguete City Police Station headed by Chief-of-Police Jonathan Pineda.

On the hand, the number of crimes dropped from a high of 2, 534 incidents in 2017 to just 1, 730 incidents in 2018. Indeed there were 804 less crime incidents in 2018 owing to the various anti-crime strategies adopted by Pineda’s leadership.

Pineda, in his year-end report for 2018 noted that the significant decrease of crime incidents in 2018 were noted particularly for violence against women and children, illegal logging, child abuse, traffic accidents causing physical injury and damage to property, robbery, theft and physical assault.

Meanwhile, of the 79 operations in 2018, 95 pushers were arrested, 3 died and 130 cases were filed in contrast to just 23 pushers apprehended and 30 cases filed in 2017.

It was observed that the top three biggest haul of illegal drugs in 2018 occurred in the months of September with P 1.6 million worth of illegal drugs; November, P1.6 million and December with P 3.9 million. Incidentally, these months are considered the peak season with huge number of visitors in the city to join the Sandurot, fiesta and Christmas festivities.

Finally, 43 loose firearms were seized from 21 persons, who are now charged accordingly in the courts in 2018. In contrast, 7 persons were arrested and 8 firearms were confiscated in 15 operations in 2017.