Commemorative Speaker of this year’s remembrance Mark Karylle D. Paitan, President of Deped Division of Dumaguete City Federated Supreme Student Government reiterates emphasizes that: “the young people must be ambassadors of wisdom and compassion. Wisdom and compassion are the two pillars upon which we should build our society. without one, we could not progress as a nation.”

The young leader told the assembled local government officials led by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, educators from the City Schools Division Deped-Dumaguete, non-government organizations and ordinary citizens that the youth must be honed and shaped into better people in order to be fit to lead our nation one day. Secondly, the youth must know how to be compassionate to see the difficulties in each other and help one another.

Paitan underscored that It is important to inculcate the sense of responsibility to help among the youth because we belong to one society similar to what Dr. Jose P. Rizal showed us through his life and works.

The ceremony was held at the Manuel L. Quezon Park early Sunday morning. Mayor Remollo acknowledged the City Tourism Office and the Dumaguete City Schools Division of the the Department of Education for organizing the event that included the re-enactment of the execution of Dr. Jose Rizal 122 years ago.