The new and bigger P 5 million laboratory building is officially open to serve the public during simple rites led by City Administrator Ricardo Gonzales Jr. (representing Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo), General Services Officer Azucena Gonzales, City Councilor Lilani Ramon and City Health Officer Dr. Ma. Sarah B. Talla.

Indigent patients and other clients will now be accommodated in a bigger and more secure building following the inauguration of the P 5 million diagnostic center attached to the City Health Office.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, who has thrown his full support to the project of the Department of Health, lauded the completion of the building as a means to decongest the main building of the CHO while providing ample space for the equipment and clients, many of whom are considered poor.

Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla said that pursuant to the local ordinance, clients are required to pay a minimum fee to the City Treasurer’s Office in return of the services mainly to partly subsidy the expenses incurred in the tests and examinations.

The schedule of fees are as follows: CBC Platelet, P 100.00; Hepatitis B screening, P 150.00; Urinalysis, P 50.00; fecalysis, P 50.00; blood typing, P 35.00; RPR, P 75.00; FES/RBS, P 75.00; pregnancy test, P 60.00; Hepatitis A, P 360.00 while both sputum and dengue NS1 are for free.

On account of their age, said fees may be waived on senior citizens upon the recommendation of the attending physician. Nevertheless, the afore-mentioned fees are lower than in many existing private diagnostic centers and hospitals in the city.

The city’s laboratory also capable of conducting drug tests to determine three commonly abused substances that were administered randomly to city government officials and employees to identify those who engage in illegal drugs use and enroll them in the rehabilitation program of the Local Government Unit.