They work so diligently but for sure they know how to party!

Close to two thousand officials and employees of the city government led by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo and family enthusiastically joined the festivities to celebrate Christmas and share the optimism for the coming New Year 2019.

Governor Roel Degamo, 2nd District Representative Manuel Sagarbarria, Mayor Remollo and other incumbent elected officials of the City Government imparted their Christmas messages of hope, friendship, cooperation, peace and prosperity for everyone while they paid tribute to the industry and diligence of city the city government employees.

Plenty of prizes were given to the lucky winners of the raffle draws while retirees were given recognition and tokens in appreciation of their service to the people of the city.

Thank you to Mayor Remollo, the generous sponsors, department heads and all those who organized this very successful, lively and the largest Christmas party in the City Hall to date.