The program of works and design of the full span concrete bridge in Colon Street at the back of Foundation University is finally completed after a series of soil tests to determine the stability and suitability of the ground where the proposed concrete bridge will be constructed.

Meanwhile, the design and program of works of the second concrete bridge project, this time to replace the damaged dike and box culvert near the Bureau of Internal Revenue in Barangay Taclobo, will also be presented and submitted for approval by Mayor Remollo in the weeks to come.

Based on the estimates by the City Engineer’s Office, the infrastructure will cost P 25 million and Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo assured that the city has the funds to finance its construction.

The proposed bridge will replace the destroyed dikes and box culverts caused by a series of typhoons in the last two years. Instead of spending public funds for short term repairs, Mayor Remollo has decided to replace the current damaged structure with a full span 25 linear meters long concrete bridge that can withstand big flood and ensure the safety of motorists and riding public despite the onslaught of storms and typhoons.

As part of the preparation of the bridge’s construction, all existing structures and obstructions will be removed so that excavation, spreading and compacting of ballastro and base courses will be undertaken.

Several heavy equipment such cranes, backhoes, road grader, road roller, dump trucks, compactors, payloaders and vibrators will be deployed through lease to ensure the prompt completion of the project.

Mayor Remollo said that the proposal will be presented to the City Council so that the required funding of P 25 million will be appropriated to the project and public bidding can proceed immediately preferably on February 2019.

If there will be no bidders for the project, Mayor Remollo said that the city government may opt to undertake the project itself by administration to avoid undue delay.