(Fiesta message of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo)

My warmest greetings to fellow parishioners as we celebrate the 398th Feast of our dear Patroness Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

Inspired by the leadership of Most Reverend Julito B. Cortes D.D., the Parish Pastoral Council and the Diocesan Commission on the Laity the City Government whole-heartedly joins the activities in line with the theme “Year of the Youth: Towards an Active Youth Sector for Transformative Evangelization.”

I believe that the choice of this year’s theme is deliberate to emphasize the important role of the youth not only in nation building but also in joyfully and credibly propagating the Catholic faith in our midst.

Imagine an enlightened and spiritually mature young people actively taking part in teaching the word of our Lord in our communities?

Their enthusiasm is contagious, their creativity boundless and their firm conviction to the ministry of the Holy Mother Church, under the steady guidance of the clergy, ensures that the faith will continue to live and spread despite the rise of intolerant secularism, greed, violence and apathy.

Certainly, the life and martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria offer the youth the best example on how their own lives ought to be lived and how their faith can inspire and sustain others long before they are gone

Our Patroness was a great evangelist at a young age, she successfully converted many non-believers through her teachings and virtuous life, which serve as the compelling testimony to the holy bliss of having found and embraced our Lord Jesus Christ.

Indeed, as elders we must support the Church’s continued engagement and outreach with the young people so they can serve as credible witnesses and evangelists of our faith.

Our beloved city, hosts thousands of students seeking not only academic excellence but also spiritual renewal that our Holy Mother Church and Saint Catherine of Alexandria can offer so they can surely find the authentic meaning and purpose of their being.

Viva Saint Catherine of Alexandria!