The observance of the Children’s Month was made more meaningful today with the announcement of the passage of the Ordinance “Revising the Dumaguete City Children’s Code of 2000” authored by Councilor Lilani Ramon last Wednesday.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, who delivered his State of the Children Addressed, promised to promptly approve the ordinance and congratulated all the agencies and officials who helped craft the ordinance to make it more relevant to the protection of our children.

The ordinance was passed unanimously in the City Council supported not only by Councilor Ramon but the entire membership including Councilors Alan Gel Cordova, Michael Bandal and ABC President Dione Amores.

Today’s Children’s Congress was attended by barangay officials, police officers, prosecutors, children in crisis situation and other advocates.

Mayor Remollo said that the continuous efforts and sustained advocacy to uphold the rights of our children through the Local Council for the Protection of Children with Councilor Lilani Ramon at forefront earned the City of Dumaguete the Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance in 2018 for Central Visayas.