Contributed By Mr. German Rhon Dibdib

The Women’s Basketball Team of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines may have taken the hardcourt by storm. They sit atop their bracket standings with 3-0 win-loss card. They eat hardwork for breakfast to say the least.

But these gals sure know how to let it loose and where to get a life: fresh buko juice at Rizal Boulevard’s Pantawan. One could easily tell they are having the time of their lives in Dumaguete.

These basketball toughies have marvelled at the picturesque view of the boulevard since day one of the #Unigames2018. In fact, their first destination after the formal opening of the said sports meet was, no less, the DumaGetMe landmark.

To PUP defensive stalwart Rejoice Adlawan, Dumaguete City feels like paradise – the calmness of the sea, the hospitality of its people and the laughter of the children all captivated her heart. She makes it a point to lead her team’s morning jog by the street near Silliman University: for it sure leads to the mobile buko juice vendor. What a fresh way to start her day!

Despite their championship pedigree where discipline is staple, they still say yes to sugar when in Dumaguete. Why not? After having tasted Sans Rival’s Silvannas, they’re in for some more sweets before heading home. “It’s like heaven is sweetly melting in my mouth,” Rejoice claims.

PUP’s battlecry of “BallForAll” paves the way for the friendship they build with West City Elementary School basketball players. They make amazing sisters to the Aflatoun Boys. The young local hoopers learn from their ates and the title-chasing Manila-based cagers get loud cheerleaders from WCES athletes. Truly, a match made in heaven.

It is safe to claim that our visitors find Dumaguete City a safe haven. Ask Coach Jon Molina. He’ll choose the place 10 times out of 10 as his preferred place of wandering and merry-making!

Basta Dumaguete, chada!