Barangay Officials from Mabinay receive briefings from Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, Merci Ferrer of Zero Waste Cities Project-Dumaguete and Looc Barangay Captain Angelita Ragay on the steps taken to reduce the generated solid wastes from the households.

Currently, three barangays in Dumaguete City have started the house-to-house collection of all types of garbage as part of their implementation of a Zero Waste management program.

Said program will complement Mayor Remollo’s efforts to establish a central Materials Recovery Facility, sanitary landfill and processing plant to convert plastic wastes into chairs.

Coastal Barangays Bantayan, Piapi, and Looc are leading the way on waste segregation to be emulated by the 27 other barangays of the city.

(Credits to Kagawad Erwin Lozada for the photos)