City Schools Division Superintendent Evangel Luminarias eloquently delivers her message of appreciation to Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo for all his investments to the education sector.

Describing him as the “best mayor,” Supt. Luminarias sums up the sentiment of the top officers of the division Asst. Schools Division Supt. Dr. Neri Ojastro, Dr. Juditha Mapue and Dr. Nelson Caday, public school teachers, principals, parents and students affirming the administration’s prudent use of resources to improve the public school system.

Our gratitude to Supt. Luminarias for her genuine words of appreciation delivered extemporaneously and with such conviction on behalf of the industrious men and women of the City Deped Division. Rest assured the administration will continue to implement projects and programs in the education sector for indeed it is a worthy investment that will ensure us all a better future for our children and the generation to come.