Based on the rigorous investigation conducted by the local police headed by Dumaguete City Chief-of-Police Supt. Jonathan Pineda, no less than the supposed victim Father Sulpicio Vincoy of the St. Vincent Ferrer Chaplaincy in Barangay Camanjac denies directly receiving threat to his life and has in fact declined to accept security detail from the authorities.

Previously, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo has directed Pineda to “conduct immediate and thorough investigation on the matter to establish the validity of the matter with the end view of protecting Father Vincoy’s person.”

Mayor Remollo stressed that “as good Christians with high regard of the Church, Father Vincoy must be able to preach and perform his ministry free from threats or intimidation,” which is not consistent with the way of life in the City of Gentle People.

The priest was personally interviewed by the police three times, twice by Deputy Chief Senior Inspector Ian Paul Arapols.

Father Vincoy denied directly receiving the threats through phone calls, text, letter or any other means.

However, he learned of the supposed threat from radio broadcaster Rex Cornelio who claimed that he received irate reaction from listeners threatening the life of the priest through text message every time the discussion on his radio program dwells on Father Vincoy’s opposition to the sanitary landfill.

But in a subsequent interview, Cornelio admitted he failed to record or save the purported threatening messages or the cellphone numbers of the sources.