Federated officers of the Supreme Pupil Government led by its President Lady Althea Castro and Supreme Student Government headed by President Mark Karylle Paitan took their oaths of office before Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo, today, at the City Schools Division Office.

Mayor Remollo took the occasion to remind the top officers of all public elementary and high schools to carry out their tasks not 
to further their selfish agenda or to increase their influence.

Instead, he stressed young leaders must learn to serve with sincerity and humilty even without publicity, praise or price.

Mayor Remollo cited the many achievements of his fellow public officials today, who have retained their modesty despite successes the likes of Councilors Allan Cordova, Karissa Tolentino, Michael Bandal, Joe Kenneth Arbas, Manuel Arbon, all lawyers, and Lilani Ramon, a prosperous self-made businesswoman.

Councilor Arbas accompanied Mayor Remollo during the event that was also attended by key officials of the City Deped Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Neri Ojastro, Dr. Nelson Caday, Chief, School Governance and Operations Division and Youth Formation Coordinator Felix III D. Mosqueda along with school advisers and principals.

City Schools Division Superintendent Evangel M. Luminarias, who was traveling to an important sent her best wishes to all the federated officers and guests.

The other officers inducted into office are: Federated SPG Vice-President Nina Quesha A. Vallega, Secretary John Paolo Entico, Treasurer Zoe Kate Arbas, Auditor Hazel Faith Carsido, Public Relations Officer Emmanuel Madaiton and Peace Officer Aiah Joyce Lauron.

Federated SSG: Vice-President Peter Cadmias, Secretary Trisha Gwyneth Aquino, Treasurer Faye Belle Mamba, Auditor Yushra Samsurin, Public Relations Officer Brette Madel Panday and Peace Officer Noime Verador.